J.C. Mylands & Company  Inc. is a well-diversified Service Company with interests in the International Trading Market for container and bulk exports for the Food Services Industry.

Our products include our Award Winning, Organic and Kosher Certified  Classic and Gourmet Brands of  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ICUMSA 45 Brazillian Sugar, ICUMSA 1200 raw cane sugar, and Non-GMO wheat.

Please contact us for specs, pricing and delivery.

We can also supply various Canned and Frozen Fish and Squid products, whole or in part.

For licensed clients, we can provide wines directly from the  vineyards and wineries.

We have a deep commitment to our community and to humanitarian efforts. We have a driven desire of excellence in the commitment to servicing our clients.
Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.